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Welcome to my home page. I have gathered information about myself, my Human Computer Interaction (HCI) related education, and my job and placed them here for you to explore and enjoy. Did you know that there are more than 20 million people who access the Web? This Web Site is an example of the many ways that people are learning more about the world around them. The World Wide Web is an exciting new way to communicate.

Please drop me a line before you leave my site. You can do this by clicking on the e-mail button at the bottom of this page (leaving me an electronic mail message) or by filling out the form in my guestbook. Browse to your heart's content and most of all, "Have Fun!". Thank you for dropping by!

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Author's Background 

This section contains general information (brief resume/biography) about the author.

Author's Biography [01/20/97]

HCI Section Index

This is the main section of this home page that contains HCI-related links, bibliography, definitions, analysis and evaluation methods, articles review, etc. HCI-related Links [04/24/97]
HCI Bibliography [04/20/97]
HCI Articles Review [04/20/97]

Lessons Learned

This section contains lessons learned by the author in developing this home page. Also a 'Design Report'. Dates when specific lessons have been learned are provided (within brackets).
Lesson #1 [03/22/97]
Lesson #2 [04/14/97]
Lesson #3 [04/22/97]
Design Report [04/26/97]

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Jean Luker's Comments [04/20/97]
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Useful Information for Cliff's Students

Evolution of a Programmer (Humor) [08/20/98]
SDLC (Systems/Software Development Life-Cycle) [08/20/98]
Database Normalization [08/20/98]
Codd's 12 Rules for DBMSs [08/20/98]
Database Normalization Rules [08/20/98]
Date's 12 Rules for Distributed Databases [08/20/98]

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